Upcoming talenter 2019

Upcoming talenter 2019

I år hyldede Spilprisen de nye talenter i den danske spilbranche. 

Spilprisens Executive udvalg har i år besluttet at hylde spilbranchens nye, upcoming talenter ved Spilprisen 2019. Medlem af Spilprisens Executive udvalg, Forest Swartout Large fra IO Interactive, begrunder her hvorfor:

"We, at the Executive Board, are delighted to celebrate new and upcoming talents at Spilprisen 2019. Talents are the future of our industry and are important to insure the constant development of our business. We have therefore decided to add a special celebration and recognition of talents to the award show."

Fire unge talenter var på scenen for at blive fejret, da Spilprisen 2019 hyldede årets talenter. Her kan du læse de motivationer, der ligger til grund for Executive udvalgets udvælgelse af netop disse fire unge talenter: 



Ida er indstillet af Anton Forchhammer, CEO hos Niila Games:

Ida’s art is in the crossbreed between cartoon and game, a crossing still in its tender birth. This makes Ida a frontrunner using new instruments and expressions in a digital context. It takes courage to push the boundaries, and that is why Ida deserves to be celebrated and recognized as one of the Upcoming Talents.



Murray er indstillet af Astrid Mie Refstrup & Simon Ladefoged, CEOs hos Triple Topping Games:

Murray has only been with us for little more than a year, and it has been amazing to follow his development: He is creative, detail oriented and a fast learner. Murray is art director at our upcoming production. Besides he also takes part in the development of the game story. This game could not have gained the same quality and detail if it had not been for Murray. And we hope to be able to keep him in our team in the future.


Emil er indstillet af Hakan Abrak, CEO hos IO Interactive:

Emil has only been with us for a little over a year. Still, he has relentlessly delivered work worthy of an artist with a handful of years in the industry.
He is hard-working, curious, sharp as a whip, and incredibly friendly. He has an overflowing ambition that simply works because he is equally as humble. He delves into demanding tasks only to rise victorious. And like a true pioneer, he engages every department to meet his team’s goal.


Elisa er indstillet af Martin Kai Sommer, CEO hos Game Swing:

Elisa is determined, reliable and devoted to the development of her talent and craft. Over a very short period, Elisa has gained broad experience working on game projects for platforms ranging from VR, PC/Console and mobile.Based on her great personal qualities, stellar work ethics and unquestionable talent I believe Elisa deserves to be recognized as one of the true great talents in the Danish game industry.