General criteria

General criteria


Submission deadline: Februar 4, 2021.


A game may be considered eligible if the following criteria are met:

Release: Eligible if the game is available for download on a store on any platform.

Early Access: Early Access: Games in early access, soft launch, or similar are eligible in Best Live Game (see category for details). You can chose to submit your game as a released game - but note that you can only do this once and will not be able to compete in this category with this title.

Student projects: If they are considered finished projects and are publicly available (AppStore, Google Play, Steam,, etc) then they are eligible


Other requirements you have to meet to submit are:

  • Your studio has a Danish VAT number or at least 50% of your development team is based out of (lives in) Denmark.
  • The game must have been released in 2020
  • The game must be available to the jury