Previous talents of the year

Previous talents of the year

Previous talents of the year

Here you can get an overview of all the previous talents of the year. Talents of the Year is not a prize but a celebration of the industry's talents.


Karolina Arancibiova, Junior Unity Developer at MovieStarPlanet

Jakob Andkjær Poulsgærd, Environment Art Intern at IO Interactive

Mathias Stig Jensen, Backend Engineer at Flashbulb Games

Sebastién Diego Gaye, Art Director & Motion Graphics Designer at Serious Games Interactive

Michelle Lind Østrup, Full Stack Programmer at Serious Games Interactive

Kristine S. Wellendorf, Software Tester at MovieStarPlanet

Hong-Hanh Phan, Graphic Artist at MovieStarPlanet

Jacob Hvid Amstrup, Co-founder at Gateway

Lucas Andreas Vilches Møller, Co-founder and Narrative Designer at Gateway

Joe Sierejko, Backend C++ Programmer at Invisible Walls

Robert Pettersson, 3D Artists at Game Swing

Arendse Løvind Andersen, Design Researcher at Triband


Frederik Max Christensen, Sound Designer at Cujo Sound

Camilla Holler, Character Artist at PortaPlay

Jonas Hingeben Ruge, Platform Engineer at Ghost Ship Games

Marléne Delrive, Junior Gameplay Designer at Triband

Jakob Baldwin, 3D Artist at SYBO

Erik Høj Petersen, Software Developer at Set Snail

Astrid Knappmann, Gameplay Designer at Triband

Anders Lund Dick, Rigging Artist at Invisible Walls

Mia Rosendahl Larsen, Junior QA Specialist at IO Interactive

Karina Korsgaard Jensen, Programmer at Triband

Simone Jahn, 3D Artist at Ghost Ship Games

Kasper Egholm Endahl, Game Developer at ARblox

Mikkel Anttila, Prev. Game designer/ Audio designer at Triple Topping

Kasper Kjæhr, CG Artist at Kong Orange

Felix Diemar Sherar, Creative Director at FlatPonies

Lisa Maurer, Gameplay Designer at Triband


Andreas Lindgren Bech, Art Director at Invisible Walls

Axel Emanuelsson, Game Programmer at Ghost Shop Games

Frederik Overgaard Jeppesen, 3D Artist at Ghost Shop Games

Christoffer Bech, Game Designer at Set Snail

Maja From Andersen, Data Analyst at Funday Factory

Christian Biskopstø Thomsen, Game Programmer at Funday Factory

Erik Arvid Manne Westermark , Enviroment Art Intern at IO Interactive

Praveen Namasivayam, Event And Dialogue Writer at PortaPlay