Previous winners

Previous winners

Previous winners of Spilprisen

Here you can get an overview of all the winners since the very first Spilprisen. Spilprisen is a tribute to the best, most creative and innovative Danish-developed games. Spilprisen is also a recognition that games are a creative and playful form of culture. Spilprisen is the gaming industry's own price. It is organized by the Danish Producers' Association, which is an industry organization for producers of film, television and games.


Best Debut: Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games

Best Audio: Hitman 2, IO Interactive

Best Visuals: Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games

Best Game Design: Hitman 2, IO Interactive

Best Technical Achievement: Youropa, frecle

Best Live Game: KoGaMa, Multiverse

Game of the Year: Forgotton Anne, ThroughLine Games


Best Visuals: Echo, Ultra Ultra

Best Debut: A hat in time, Gears for breakfast

Best Technical Achievement: Echo, Ultra Ultra

Best Audio: Echo, Ultra Ultra

Best Game Design: Conduct Deluxe! Northplay

Special Mention: Aporia - Beyond the Valley

Game of the Year: Echo, Ultra Ultra


Best Showcase: Lost Tracks, The Animation Workshop

Best Visuals: Inside, Playdead

Best Educational Game: Fuzzy House

Best Audio: Inside, Playdead

Best Technical Achievement: Hitman, IO Interactive

Best Artistic Achievement: Inside, Playdead

Best Danish-Language Game: Stikbold, Game Swing

Best Game Design: Hitman, IO Interactive

Game of the Year: Inside, Playdead


Best Showcase: Uprise, DADIU

Best Visuals: Sofus & Månemaskinen, The Outer Zone

Best Audio: Sofus & Månemaskinen, The Outer Zone

Best Game Design: Affordable Space Adventures, Knapnok Games

Best Technical Achievement: Affordable Space Adventures, Knapnok Games

Best Educational Game: MiniMo Town, MiniMo

Best Danish-Language Game: Sofus & Månemaskinen, The Outer Zone

Best Artistic Achievement: Progress to 100, Tim Garbos

Game of the Year: Affordable Space Adventures, Knapnok Games


Best Showcase: Plantman, Dennis Nielsen, Den Danske Filmskole

Best Audio: The Silent Age: Episode 2, Morten Mygind & Thomas Ryder, House on Fire

Best Game Design: Kalimba, Bo Strandby, Press Play

Best Educational Game: Machineers, Lohika

Best Visuals: Max: The curse of brotherhood, Lasse Middelbo Outzen, Press Play

Best Danish-Language Game: Wuwu & co, Step in Books

Best Artistic Achievement: Chronology, Osao Games

Best Technical Achievement: Heroes & Generals, Reto-Moto

Game of the Year: Kalimba, Press Play

Special Mention by the jury: Back to Bed, Bedtime Digital Games

Special Mention by the technical jury: Unity


Showcase: Punish Panda, Burnt Flamingo/DADIU

Visuals: Forced, BetaDwarf 

Audio: 140 - Jeppe Carlsen/Jakob Schmid/Niels Fyrst

Game Design: Forced, BetaDwarf

Artistic Achievement: The Silent Age, House on Fire

Innovation: Cloud Chamber, Investigate North

Game of the Year: Forced, BetaDwarf

The Jury's special prize: Spilmuseet in Ikast, Eddie og Rune Keller


Student Showcase of the Year: Cantrip

Artistic Achievement of the Year Hitman - Absolution, IO Interactive

Creator of the Year BetaDwarf, FORCED

Game of the Year: Hitman - Absolution, IO Interactive