Watch Spilprisen online

Watch Spilprisen online

This year’s Spilprisen transforms into an online event

Watch the award show free of charge on Twitch and Facebook on April 22


“Due to COVID-19, we can't facilitate Spilprisen as we usually do bringing together the entire Danish gaming industry in a festive environment. But that said, we are so pleased that it is possible to arrange Spilprisen as an online event. And we are excited to join other international gaming awards such as the GDC Awards and BAFTA doing the same,” says Festival Director Mette Sig.


Spilprisen's Executive committee are all aboard this transformation into an online event. For them, the most important thing is to celebrate all this year’s great Danish productions.


”In the gaming industry, we work daily to develop digital content and online universes, so it is only natural to make Spilprisen an online award show. All the new amazing game productions must be celebrated", says Tim Garbos, Creative Director at Triband and a member of Spilprisen’s Executive committee


The usual ticket fees and the limited seats are now non-existing so the entire world can join the show this year.


"Transforming Spilprisen into an online event is only financially possible because of the sponsors. A big thanks to all the sponsors for making this possible! We hope as many people as possible will stay tuned on Twitch and Facebook when we celebrate Spilprisen in April,” says Mette Sig.


Spilprisen is supported by Sybo Games, Playdead, Funday Factory, Unity, Dansk Erhverv, Nordisk Film Games, Mood Visuals and Upright Music.