Two new prizes

Two new prizes

Spilprisen gets two new prizes

Submission for Spilprisen 2020 is now open. Each year, the Executive Committee decides what prizes should be given at the award show. This year, the committee has chosen to add two new prizes. Best Narrative and Best Emergent Experience, as well as an extension of the Best Live Game prize.


The gaming industry is constantly breaking the boundaries of what we thought could be possible, so it is important that we ensure that Spilprisen grows along with a medium that constantly surprises and evolves in exciting new directions,” says Emil Kjæhr from the Executive Committee, Funday Factory.


The prize for Best Narrative is given to the game that shows excellence in the creation of a story or a narrative that captivates and engages the player. Best Emergent Experience is given to the game and play experience that are trying out new waters, platforms and formats.


"With the prize Best Emergent Experience, we have wanted to create space for games that dare to search and test boundaries and new formats. Also, we have added the Best Narrative prize, as the game medium offers the opportunity to engage and immerse the audience in the game's story and world to a degree that is unique compared to other media such as film and TV - we want to tribute that,” says Emil Kjæhr.


Last but not least, games in the Best Live Games category have been expanded to include games in 'Early Access':


"This year, we have chosen to expand the category by making it possible for games in all stages of production to submit - including 'Early Access'. Through this extension, we recognize developers and game productions that have already demonstrated an ability to work purposefully with games as a "living" medium," says Emil Kjæhr.


Deadline for submission is February 6, 2020. Spilprisen will be held at Bremen Teater on April 22, 2020.


The Executive Committee members include Emil Kjæhr from Funday Factory, Forest Swartout Large from IO, Kirstine Askholm from Playdead, Jens Peter Korup from Crey, Tim Garbos from Triband and Mette Sig from Producentforeningen.