Categories 2024

Categories 2024


Spilprisen is the Danish Producers' Association's annual award, honoring the best Danish video games across a selected series of categories. Below, you can find the category descriptions, including the specific criteria for each category, ensuring that you submit the right material - note that there are different criteria for each category. 



1. Best Debut
2. Best Visual
3. Best Audio
4. Best Game Design
5. Best Narrative
6. Best Kids Game
7. Best Live Game - Free-to-Play
8. Best Live Game - Premium Game
9. Game Of the Year
10. Talents of the year 
(NB. This is not an award but a recognition and celebration)



The award for Best Debut aims to celebrate new, ambitious talents - a new Danish team or individual - releasing a game for the first time and hereby making a debut into the Danish Games Industry. The submitted project must be the first game released for the development studio under its specific CVR/VAT number and/or team name. 



The award for Best Visuals goes to the most coherent, expressive and all-out best visual design in a Danish game. 



The award for Best Audio goes to the most coherent, expressive and all-out best audio experience in a Danish game. 



The award for Best Game Design goes to the most coherent, expressive and all-out best game design in a Danish game. 



For excellence in crafting a story or narrative that captivates and engages the player, including games that go beyond traditional storytelling methods involving words or voice acting.



Games that truly capture the magic of children's imagination and wonders. The category is aimed at games that are played by children at the age 10 or below. We encourage games in this category to also submit in other relevant categories too.



Spilprisen recognizes already live games that delivered the best new content updates of the year and managed to evolve, engage, connect, retain, and excite both new and existing players. New content updates may include new levels, missions, community events, DLC’s, but not new platforms, special editions, or patches. Live games will be evaluated based on new gameplay content, features, community engagement, and the impact on the players.

The Best Live Game category will have two winners: one for Free-to-Play (F2P) and one for Premium games.

When submitting, please choose your business model:

BEST LIVE GAME - Free-to-Play

Games without upfront cost or paywalls. 

BEST LIVE GAME - Premium game

Games with upfront payments or paywalls, including subscription services like Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and Netflix.


Both Free-to-Play and Premium live games must meet the following criteria:

  • Released more than 12 months ago (using the same definition of release as when submitting in other categories)
  • Received significant updates in 2023.


    • Qualified: The game was released in 2015 and still maintains an active player base. In 2023, new levels and events were added to the game.
    • Qualified: If the game was released on 1/8/2022 and had a major content update on 2/8/2023
    • Not qualified: The game was released in January 2023 and had a major Christmas update in December 2023. (Released in the same year).
  • Qualified games include online games (both asynchronous and real-time), Games as a Service (GaaS), Free-to-Play games, and other games that are being maintained with ongoing new content or features.
  • This category emphasizes providing value to players through maintaining and updating, so make sure to mention if any of your updates were particularly successful or noteworthy.



Simply the best Danish-produced game of the year. Submissions are not accepted in this category. The Game of the Year is chosen by the jury.



This is not an award but a recognition and celebration of talents within the game industry. All CEOs or executive producers in the industry can submit talents. Talents will be assessed based on their ability to develop and/or realize a game production, including creative execution. To be eligible, the talent must have been employed by the submitting company for at least 6 months, directly involved in the development and/or production of a game, and employed in the industry for a maximum of 2 years. Additionally, the talent cannot be the CEO or shareholder of the company.

The Executive Committee, based on all submissions, chooses the Talents of The Year.


How to submit: (Free of Charge)

  • A written motivation of up to 200 words (in English)
  • Name of the game the talent has worked on.
  • The talent's name, title, age, email, and phone number.
  • Duration of the talent's employment in the industry.
  • Duration of the talent's employment in the submitting company.
  • The name, title, email, and phone number of the person submitting the talent.
  • A photo of the talent for use on Spilprisen's website and social media (Photo usage rights need to be cleared).

Send the submission to Martine Y. Johnsen no later than February 1, 2024. 


If you have any questions about Spilprisen, the awards or the criteria, please contact project coordinator Martine Y. Johnsen