Overall criteria 2023

Overall criteria 2023

Overall submitting criteria Spilprisen 2023

Here you can read all you need to know about the overall criteria to make sure that your game, in general, is qualified for submission. Please note, Spilprisen’s focus is on the development team, not the publisher. Remember that each category also has its specific submission qualifications.

To submit a game to Spilprisen you must meet the following overall criteria:

  • Your studio has a Danish VAT number or at least 50% of your development team is based in Denmark.
  • The game must have been released in 2022 (from 1/1/2022 to 31/12/2022) (Only exception to the rule is games submitted to Best Live Game).
  • No game that has previously been entered can be re-entered (Only exception to the rule is games submitted to Best Live Game).
  • The game must be made available to the jury.
  • The equipment to play the game must be easily accessible for the jury. Therefore, the equipment must be available to buy in common tech stores. If the game requires special equipment, you must provide the right equipment to play the game at the Danish Producers´ Association (Bernhard Bangs Alle 25, 2000 Frederiksberg), or share a descriptive video.

Definition of a released game:

  • Release: The game must be available for download on a store on a platform. 
  • Early Access: If your game is in Early Access (or similar half-way released state) we strongly recommend that you wait and submit it when it exits Early Access, but we know that there isn't always a clear line. So if you consider it fully released, you can submit it with an explanatory note.
  • Student projects: If they are considered finished projects and are publicly available (AppStore, Google Play, Steam, itch.io, etc.) then they are qualified for submission.