Spilprisen Introduces New Live Game Categories

Spilprisen Introduces New Live Game Categories

Spilprisen unveils exciting changes with new live game categories


Submission for Spilprisen 2024 is officially open. But this year, there's a twist that promises to add an extra layer of excitement to the prestigious event – the introduction of two distinct categories for Best Live Game award.


This year Spilprisen’s Executive Committee has decided to make a significant change for the upcoming event – the introduction of two distinct categories for Best Live Game. This move reflects a strategic decision to acknowledge the diverse landscape of Danish gamedevelopment and how games evolve through updates.  


“The purpose of dividing the category is to recognize the diversity in Danish game production, including how games evolve through updates. Updates often vary depending on the game's business model - free-to-play games such as Subway Surfers versus premium games like HITMAN. This nuance is now incorporated into Spilprisen. The division makes Spilprisen better equipped to evaluate games on equal footing, unlike before in a combined category,” explains Emil Kjæhr, from Spilprisens Executive committee. 


The split now categorizes the Best Live Game into two distinct sections – Best Live Game Free-to-Play and Best Live Game – Premium Game. This deliberate division of live games aims to provide a more comprehensive acknowledgment of the gaming genre by recognizing the unique challenges and innovations associated with both free-to-play and premium gaming models.


With the addition of these new categories, Spilprisen 2024 is poised to celebrate and honor the multifaceted contributions of game developers who work tirelessly to create immersive and engaging experiences for players worldwide. 


For a deeper dive into this year's categories and submission details, click HERE.


The countdown has begun, and the deadline for submissions is January 11th, 2024, at 2 pm. Don't miss the chance to showcase your masterpiece and be part of this game-changing celebration!