Talents of the Year 2020

Talents of the Year 2020

Let's celebrate all the Talents of the Year!

Eight young talents were on 'stage' at this years virtual edition of Spilprisen 2020. Here you can read the motivations underlying the Executive Committee's selection of these four young talents:



Andreas is nominated by Niels Wetterberg, CEO of Invisible Walls for the game First Class Trouble

before joint us, Andreas came from a position as project manager in a bigger hearing aid company - a good salary and fixed working hours. He was tired of the bureaucracy and needed an outlet to get his creative visions out. He then quit his job and started at Invisible Walls in an internship in the summer 2018 at a time when we had no money, but almost just a dream of creating and conquering a new genre in computer games. He started out as a concept artist, but quickly it was clear that he wanted so much more and has since shown his worth as UI artist, 3D artist and what else he sets out to do. He is a true octopus who shines in every situation he is put in. Andreas acts as our beloved Art Director; we enjoy his loving guidance every day. We hope that someday he will ask the three CEO’s to shut up - for Andreas is indispensable, has taste and is a talent of dimensions. Andreas thrives best in a quiet office environment with hard rock in the headphones and a cup of coffee close to his drawing pen. We hope that we will continue our journey with this lovely, and talented man far into the future.



Axel is nominated by Søren Lundgaard, CEO at Ghost Ship Games for the game Deep Rock Galactic

Throughout my 20 years in the business, I have never experienced such a fearless programmer as Axel. We at Ghost Ship have a lot heavy technically challenges and more and more of them now lands on Axel's table. I thought that as young a programmer would probably succumb, but no, Axel eats problems for breakfast. I dare not even think about what kind of programmer-monster Axel will develop into in the future. If a coder is ever to be chosen for this year's talent in the Danish gaming industry, it must be Axel - even if he is from Sweden.



Frederik is nominated by Søren Lundgaard, CEO at Ghost Ship Games the game Deep Rock Galactic + by Hannibal Glaser, project manager at The Animation Workshop for the game Burning Daylight

Motivation from Søren: 

When we saw Burning Daylights, it quickly became clear that Frederik was something out of the ordinary. The game is an impressive graduation project from Viborg Animation School, which, with Frederik at the forefront, has set towering standards for what a team of students can achieve. At Ghost Ship, we appreciate octopuses, and Frederik was clearly one. A very strong sense of design, an excellent talent for modeling, and an in-depth knowledge of graphics, pop culture, and relevant references were just what we were looking for. And then it doesn't matter that he's an awesome guy who fits in perfectly with our community here in the office.


Motivation from Hanibal Glaser: 

Frederik directed the production Burning Daylight as a departure project at The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Together with his team of young talents, they used the methods and tools from their study of film production and used them to create their first game - with a production and entertainment quality that surpasses many professionally productions released on Steam. It doesn't surprise me that Burning Daylight became a hit on Steam, with an average of "Very Positive" ratings out of the over 2100 reviews. This is impressive as the education focuses primarily on film and pre-rendered graphics, so Frederik and the rest of the Burning Daylight team deserve recognition for their courage, hard work and dedication.


Christoffer is nominated by Brian Lund Lauridsen, Chief Creative Officer at Set Snail for the game Oldman

Christoffer was an indispensable piece in developing and designing our game Oddman, which won the "Best Quickplay Game" at the IMGA Awards, and which has more than 3 million downloads. He has helped refine and improve game design as well as the graphics of the game. He has developed several different aspects of the game, as well as polished and created large parts of the game's UI, UX, and created numerous of the fun actions in the game. He has a great insight into what, why, and when something is fun and engaging. For as small a team as us here at Set Snail, a "Swiss army knife" like Christoffer is absolutely indispensable, especially when he solves all tasks with the perseverance and joy that he does. Undoubtedly, our team has become significantly stronger by having Christoffer on board.



Maja is nominated by Nina Kelstrup, Head of People & Culture hos Funday Factory for the game Bullet League 

Despite having to start up a brand new position, Maja took on the challenge with a positive and ambitious attitude.
When Maja joined as completely new to the games industry, she immediately helped define & pick the right analytics tools for our productions and shaped our analytics pipeline. From reading up on documentation & communicating with programmers on low-level implementation & QA of tracking to ensuring up-to-date BI dashboards in Data Studio. Maja's drive and passion for understanding the games have been impressive. Also, Maja has taken part in discussions with our design teams and adjusted her work, tools & process to match the needs of the team as well as established games industry KPIs. Whether Maja has been challenged with requests for additional dashboards or answers to deeper design- and balancing questions, she has always had a quick & accurate turnaround. Maja’s organized approach to analytics and tasks coupled with her deep understanding of SQL, R and affinity for picking up new analytics tools has been instrumental in elevating how we approach data and analytics. Maja has helped shape how we approach game development through data supported design discussions, clearly showing the value of working with data on a daily basis.



Christian is nominated by Nina Kelstrup, Head of People & Culture at Funday Factory for the game Bullet League.

Christian Biskopstø Thomsen is Funday Factory’s youngest programmer and has been with us since September 2018. Having coded since he was a teenager and with an educational background in physics, Christian is impressively skilled at his craft. Multiple time has he proven to be an incredibly talented programmer despite his young age - and on top of that, he’s a team member to the core. No matter what tasks or challenges we throw at him, Christian dives into his work with ambition, passion and an unmistakable drive. He is skilled in both JavaScript, Typescript and C# - and has worked in multiple game engines. In the early months of his employment at Funday, we challenged him to make a web version of our mobile game Bullet League which he single-handedly saw through to everyone’s satisfaction. Further, Christian has worked on multiple productions under NDAs including projects for global IPs showing great understanding for existing IPs and production processes.



Erik is nominated by Hakan Abrak, CEO at IO Interactive for the game Hitman 2 and the next Hitman game

We give chance to a lot of young talents, but sometimes comes a character who unleashes so much hidden potential that makes us stand in awe. Manne approached us at a meet and greet. Unlike many excited others, he was calm, careful and gentle, asking diligent questions that made him stand out. We knew that if he joins us, he will do so single-heartedly. He is the quiet craftsman. A detailed artist who not only possesses an impressive creative mind, but is also disciplined to apply his talent when and where it makes the most impact. He sees opportunities and knows that the difference between something good and something great is in attention to detail. Manne soaks up knowledge at a staggering speed, partly because he is not afraid to ask questions. As a true team player, Manne hungrily listens to feedback and applies it with the next opportunity. He works quietly and focused, and uses his time to put in practice all that he learned in order to continue growing successfully. We know this is only the start of his development, and we are thrilled to be his playground and coach on his journey to artistic excellence.



Praveen is nominated by Hans von Knut, Creative Director t PortaPlay for the game Broken Lines

Praveen started as an intern but quickly got hired to help us realize Broken Lines, due to his knack for wriBng texts that combines dark humor with despair. He worked as the event and dialogue writer, creaBng most of the text events and character interacBons between our vast cast for player characters and NPC's, in our story- and character driven game Broken Lines. Praveen combined arBsBc expression with flexibility and was a pleasure to work with, due to his easy-going aWtude and a "yes, we can fix this" approach. And he really nailed giving each character a unique voice in each scene, while also supporBng dynamic changes of which characters took part in them, depending on player choices. To have arBsBc skills, tackle tricky challenges, be able to set one's own ego aside for the good of the project and to excel in teamwork at this early stage in his professional life, really show a great promise for his future!