Talents of the Year 2023

Talents of the Year 2023

Let's celebrate all the Talents of the Year!

Congratulations to the 21 talented individuals who have distinguished themselves in the Danish gaming industry and are being recognized as this year's great talents at Spilprisen 2023.

Talents of the Year is not a prize but a celebration of the industry's talents.

Thea Bjerregaard

COO & Producer at CinderCat Games


Andreas Kidholm

Producer at Flashbulb

Casper Øbro

Tech Artist at Floppy Club

Daniel Hansen

Game Programmer at Funday Games

Dennis Löfgren

Programmer at Ghost Ship Games

Harpa Ellertsdóttir

3D Artist at Ghost Ship Games

Louise Pri

Associate Producer at IO Interactive

Esben Gravesen

Programmer at Kong Orange 

Mathis Meilby

Game Designer at Kong Orange

Eva-Celia Del Rey

Graphic Artist at MovieStarPlanet 

Anahid Attaran

Game Designer at PortaPlay

Jasper Laureijs

Level Designer at PortaPlay

Sebastian Binder

Level Designer at PortaPlay

Juliane Brostrup Norske

Junior Concept Artist at SYBO

Amalie Piil Tarding

Programmer at Those Eyes

Alberto Giudice

Level Designer at Triband 

Nilas Røpke Driessen

2D Artist at Triband

Jonathan Jørgensen

Porting & Tools Programmer

Triple Topping

Linnea Ejersbo

Unity Generalist 

Triple Topping

Alice Persson

Level Designer


Søren Tang

2D Artist & Animation

Triple Topping