The Jury

The Jury

All about the jury 2024

The jury consists of professionals from the Danish gaming industry and is appointed by Spilprisen's executive committee. For several weeks, the jury plays the submitted games, shortlist the nominees and determine the winners through a series of discussions at the final Jury Meeting.

As a new addition this year, there's a separate jury dedicated to evaluating the two live game categories. This means that there are two juries assessing all submitted games - the 2023 Releases jury and the Live Game jury. Members of the 2023 Releases jury evaluate the following categories: Best Debut, Best Visuals, Best Audio, Best Game Design, Best Narrative, Best Kids Game, and Game of the Year, while the Live Game jury assesses Best Live Game - Free-to-Play and Best Live Game - Premium Game.


"Spilprisen always strives to honor the remarkable craftsmanship within the Danish games industry. With an increasing number of colleagues focusing on live games, we've formed a dedicated jury this year, comprised of individuals with experience and expertise in this field, to ensure that live games also receive their due celebration."

Tim Garbos, Triband and Spilprisens Executive Committee

The majority of the Live Game Jury have not participated in or contributed to the creation of the submitted game. However, in the case where a jury member has been involved in the development of a submitted game, they will abstain from voting and leave the jury meeting when that specific category is discussed. However, they are still allowed to participate in voting for all other categories where there is no conflict of interest.


Dagbjört Jónsdóttir

Director of Technology


Sarah Josefsen

Senior Game Designer

IO Interactive

Mette Jakobsen

Narrative Designer

Galdra Studios

Martin Schjøler

Sound Designer


Sascha Altschuler

Art Director

Flashbulb Games

Bo Abrahamsen

QA Lead


Kasper Bøttcher

Developer & Partner

Set Snail


Lau Korsgaard

Lead Game Designer

Massive Entertainment

Igor Mikhalchishin

Art Director

Dynasty Studios

Ida Lindballe Lønborg

Level Designer

Tactile Games

Hans Haave

Communications Manager

Bedtime Digital Games

Alex Danino


Pixelsplosion Studios

Bjarke Brint

VP of Production

Raw Power Games

Jakob Sillesen