Vindere 2015

Vinderne af Spilprisen 2015 er fundet. Ved prisuddelingen i Pumpehuset torsdag den 11. juni 2015 blev der uddelt i alt ni priser til danske computerspil. Juryen havde desuden valgt at give to special mentions. Spilprisen arrangeres af Producentforeningen, og det var i år tredje gang, prisuddelingen fandt sted.

Bedste Showcase

Plantman, Dennis Nielsen, Den Danske Filmskole

Juryens motivering:
It’s rare that you come across a free showcase game that really, really, when you are completely honest, have the production values of a commercial release.
But that is the case with this years winner of the award for best showcase.
The gameplay itself might not be revolutionary, but the polish, the pacing, the setting, the graphics, the audio - the whole package, is indistinguishable from something that people would readily ask you to pay for.
A great, fun, and imaginative story about the dangers of gardening and sentient coffee machines.

Bedste Lyddesign

The Silent Age: Episode 2, Morten Mygind & Thomas Ryder, House on Fire

Juryens motivering:
How weird, that a game with such a name, should win this award.
However, the winner of the award for Audio Design this year, is nonetheless a stellar showcase in, how audio can set the mood and color the interpretation of a game.
This years winner has not created a powerhouse of effects and epicness, but rather the creeping sound of dread and opression as told though electronic soundscapes - empytness expressed in audio.
Together with the striking graphical design, the audio of this game creates an incredible atmosphere, and serves as an eerie reminder of the old axiom “Less is More”.

Bedste Spildesign

Kalimba, Bo Strandby, Press Play

Juryens motivering:
This is a game design which isn’t afraid to demand your presence.
It requires you to be both fast and patient, to think ahead or just react on impulse and with this span and rock-solid core mechanics it delivers a very stimulating experience which keeps stay rewarding even after obsessive replaying.
It is, in short, a game “you really want to beat”, It’s a game ”you really want to outsmart” and , if you find an evenly skilled friend who doesn’t mind yelling and light bruising, then it’s a game “you should never just play alone” because the co-op campaign really is an experience on its own.
It makes the players feel like two humps on a camel.

Bedste Undervisningsspil

Machineers, Lohika

Juryens motivering:
What is the best educational game? Probably the one, where you’re not even noticing, that it is an educational game.
This years winner of the award for best educational game is a great example of, how an educational game does not mean, that it is not fun to play in it’s own right.
Challenging players to build weird contraptions in it’s rust-filled world, this game is both a really fun game, and stealth learning at it’s finest. Who knew, that building a crane to pick up toys, could be a gateway drug to the logics of programming?

Bedste Visuelle Design

Max: The curse of brotherhood, Lasse Middelbo Outzen, Press Play

Juryens motivering:
This game is a very good example of true craftsmanship, it’s easily among the best looking platformers in the world, and the t-shirts are awesome!
The visual design of the game shines from every angle.
Whether it is the external wrapping or the most inner nooks of the game – there is a rare consistency to the design and craftsmanship which makes the game recognizable, pleasing and appealing both as a game and a brand.
Internally the game delivers a long coherent flow of vibrant environments, well-executed character designs and brilliant animation work across the board.
The design and the execution creates appeal and a real want to move further and further into the world to get a glimpse of what lies ahead.
This makes the Visual Design of this game the best of 2014.

Bedste Dansksprogede spil

Wuwu & co, Step in Books

Juryens motivering:
With a language spoken by as few as five million people, and an industry that is pretty much build around export from the get-go, the Danish language does not always get the attention it might deserve.
However this years winner of the award for Danish Language Game is the proof, that it can definitely be worth creating something specifically around the our weird little language.
This years winner is both a delightful excursion into a magical land of hand-drawn doodles and weird, Danish-speaking, creatures, and a great example of how to use the possibilities of the chosen hardware platform to the fullest.

Årets Kunstneriske Bedrift

Chronology, Osao Games

Juryens motivering:
This game draws your eyes and ears right from the first setting.
It’s gorgeous art and great music blends into a very pleasing experience which supports the theme of the game very well.
Most importantly, the game achieves to support the main theme and game mechanic so artistically well that it feels like magic not only the first time you turn time back and forth, but throughout the entire game.

Bedste Tekniske Bedrift

Heroes & Generals, Reto-Moto

Juryens motivering:
The technical prize goes to a team that has demonstrated the courage and skill necessary to build technology from the ground up, creating the foundation for one of the most ambitious games of 2014.
Both the visible features as well as the invisible but very tangible sense of technical quality in execution deserve attention.
The fact that all of this is managed in a live operation, around the clock and at large scale, serves to underscore the technical achievement and stands out as an inspiration to everyone. Much innovation has gone into areas like network, animation, effects and infrastructure.
This is why the prize for technical achievement 2014 goes to the team behind Heroes & Generals.

Årets Spil

Kalimba, Press Play

Juryens motivering:
The game of the year is the winner because it does something new and interesting, it looks new and interesting and most importantly it's a great experience while doing so.
The winning game is like a pair of fancy high heel shoes that feels like wearing a pair of sneakers.
The winner of game of the year is Kalimba by Press Play

Juryens Special mention

Back to Bed, Bedtime Digital Games

Juryens motivering:
Some have asked: “Well, why is this game not on the list of nominees this year - it centainly deserves it.” And while one could definitely argue, that this game has the qualities to rival those Danish games already among this years nominees - well, rules and regulations are what is stopping us from letting this excellent game join it’s brethren on the lists of nominees.
You see, this game was registered as released way back in 2011, and not in 2014. So while we recognize, that the game has evolved since then, in the guidelines set forth for this years awards, we have only been looking at releases registered in 2014.
However - as a recognition of the great work, that have gone into the game since it’s release, and the sheer jump in quality since 2011, the jury has decided to award a special mention to this game, that has been haunting the dreams of I would imagine both the developers and the players of this surrealistic nightmare puzzle.

Den tekniske jurys special mention


Juryens motivering:
The technical jury would like to make en acknowledgement. When playing many of the hundreds of games that came out in 2014, one aspect stands out: They appear to have been built on a rock solid foundation.
A wealth of features seem to have been available, applied frivolously and oftentimes aesthetically.
The games show off rich 3D graphics. They have character animation and physics that interacts with gameplay... most even have sound! As importantly, these games appear to have no issues integrating into their respective OS. They do not randomly crash or delete your harddrive. And all this in spite of them being available on multiple platforms.
All of these games appear to be backed by an outstanding engine team! Something absolutely essential when creating, and indeed shipping, games. With the sincerest appreciation for the astonishing amount of work involved, we present this special award for outstanding technical effort, to a team based out of Copenhagen but loved by the world. Unity.